TENGIZ SEPIASHVILI (SEPO) was born in Tbilisi in 1946.

After graduation from Polytechnic Institute of Georgia Department of Architecture he actively works in the spheres of architecture and exhibition design. He is an author and co author of the design of Georgian pavilions in 17 countries.


1976 - Zagreb (gold medal)

1982 - Moscow (silver medal)

1995 - Dijon (gold medal)

1998 - Honour medal of Georgian Republic

1979 - 80 - Created graphic works were collected in “Sepo Graphic,” portfolio issued in 2006   

2008 - 09 - Created works which are presented in “Sepo Portfolio,“ are different from previous ones with their colours and different manner of performance.

2009 - Personal exhibition in “Academy+” Gallery. 

Since 2010 he works on kinetic sculptures...

2010  _personal exhibition "postmodern mobiles"in expogeorgia  center.tbilisi

2010_ created kinetica sculpture "bird of dream" wich is moving by wind and is located on the seasede in batumi

2011_artwork communication took part at kinetica art fair 2011 london

2011_his poster work red guitare is taking part  at the"contemporary art4"maiami  

“The museum of Americas”,maiami 8-23 july September 2 to August 2. 11
Ideal , Provincial Cultural Centre, Venado Tuerto , Santa Fe
 November 5 - 30. 11:
Barak-art Exhibition Salon, Rosario, Sante Fe
 January 14 - February 18. 12:
International Art Fair, Mar del Sur, Buenos Aires
 March 3 – 24. 2012 
International Art Fair, Miramar, Buenos Aires 


2011 he is a member of the kinetica museum london